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PeaceKeeper Hoody & T-Shirts

The Peace Keeper movement is completely self funded. By purchasing a Hoody or T-shirt, you help fund us to keep doing what we are doing. It aids us in setting up the grand jurys, funding the development of our app, any court actions we are taking, and basic getting around the country to help on evictions etc. It also identifies you as a peace keeper. This will be important when the time comes when we mass for Lawful Actions.

We have T-shirts in white and black for £12.50 + £2.50 P+P.


We also have Black and Grey Hoods. £25 + £3.50 P+P



So, please support the movement, and know with confidence all funds are rolled back into the movement in trying to bring real Law back to our planet.

Peace and Love Kai

Please give 21 days for delivery.