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george ozborne

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George Osborne Makes Money From Corrupt Privatising Royal Mail

Lansdowne Partners has seen the value of its Royal Mail  shares rise by £18million as prices jumped 38 per cent

Street Democracy writes:

How refreshing to hear yet another corrupt politician to makes millions on a privatisation sale agreement that is tied to a government policy implemented by the very politicians. who stand to make millions.

This Satanically owned corporation symbolised by its ‘up side down cross’ and ‘blood red’ back ground will not loose out with this deal and neither will the henchmen who have facilitated the deal. George Osborne is a corporate supporting sympathiser especially when he gets lots of money from it.

Osborne has exterminated his moral values for profit, decimated his loyalty to the people for personal gain and has failed as a public trustee to remain a trustworthy subject for the people of the UK.

Completely numb to the pain and suffering of low paid postal workers and their families, numb to the unfairness of shares being sold off to big corporate giants, Osborne will be celebrating his windfall of serious amounts of cash. In the mean time he is charging disabled people Bedroom Tax so they become victims of debt enslavement.

The poor are having to choose between, heating or feeding their young families whilst George Osborne licks his gluttonous greedy lips at making millions of the backs of the poor. How wrong, how evil and how psychopathic can he get?


Theresa May

theresa may


As with all MPs’ they should all be arrested for treason, theft, corruption, collusion and much more. This criminal however is also instrumental at this time, to be bringing in more security measures against the British people in the name of ‘terrorism’. Those who are awake will be aware of the ‘false flag’ narrative called terrorism is nothing more than a ruse to rape the middle east of all riches, resources and sovereignty.

All tories must be held to account for the murder of several thousand disabled citizens made to suffer through entitlement cuts to their welfare and subsequently have starved to death.

Her ties with her husband and his links to G4S brings into question the revolving door policies in politics highlighting the golden handshakes which go on between these thieves. They are currently privatizing our police forces and are about to give ‘security guards’ the power of arrest… Just shows you everyone has the power of arrest and we are entering a new era of fascism.

All MPs should be tried in a Common Law court of the UK by a jury of their peers for maximum life sentences.